Tower Battles Script
A very basic but one of the only tower battles scripts!
Big Paintball Darkhub
Darkhub's Big Paintball GUI with a pretty cool silent aim!
Anime Fighting GUI
A basic but useful Anime Fighting GUI!
Survive The Killer GUI
A Survive The Killer Script with some pretty cool features!
Bad Business Darkhub
Darkhub's Bad Business GUI with everything you need!
Arsenal Script
A cool Arsenal Script with plenty of options!
Grand Piece GUI
A Grand Piece Online GUI with some cool teleports, and autofarms!
Mad City Madlads
A Mad City Script!
All Star Tower GUI
A All Star Tower Defense Script with a pretty cool autofarm!
Jailbreak Project Evolution
ANOTHER Project Evolution script but for jailbreak with tons of features!
King Piece Script
This King Peice GUI has a pretty cool GUI and other!